10 Ultimate Signs That Can Mean Your Partner is CHEATING ON YOU!

Being in love is a feeling like no other. There are sparks flying everywhere and butterflies in your stomach every time he or she calls. And it is so wonderful. Longing to see your partner after every few minutes, getting lost in the adventures of the previous night while you are at work, all these signs so make you the smitten kitten.

Everyone wants their partner to be a loyal companion, and they dream of spending ages with their partner. However, not all relationships endure the test of time.

Many people choose to get out of a loyal relationship, and cheat on their partners. The objectives of cheating can be many- to hurt their partner, or to just get a thrill for themselves, but the outcomes are almost the same, a fatal casualty of your relation.

Whilst the choice of continuing or not continuing with a cheating partner is something that only a couple can take, we for sure want our readers to find out if your partner is cheating at the earliest, for then there are the most chances of reconciliation.

The more longer it goes on, the more it is an emotional baggage for the partner that has been cheated upon. So here we bring you Ten Signs That Can Mean Your Partner Is Cheating.

1. The Phone Becomes All Important All Of A Sudden

One true sign of people being super into each other is that the phones get out of sight the moment you are with your partner. Once a loving partner comes home to his love, he doesn’t need to focus on his phone.

He would be all joyous that he can finally see his partner, hug him or her, and make out. He can now cherish that loving presence.

But once you start cheating, your current partner becomes a second priority, and you start focusing more on your phone rather than your partner.

Add with it secrecy about phone conversations, and the hesitation to share his phone with you, and Bam! You have found a cheater!

Busy male on phone

2. The Sex Has Taken A Hit

Sex is one of the first casualties of a cheating partner. The spark isn’t there anymore since he or she is getting the action somewhere else.

You seem all interested and excited, waiting for it to happen, while you find your partner finding excuses to avoid sex, or even worse to perform it halfheartedly.

In either of the cases, you start feeling dejected, and start doubting yourself while all the fault lies with your partner.

While he or she is quenching his or her sexual thirst with someone else, you are left waiting and frustrated.

Sex tps

3. If Going Out Without You Is The Priority For The Weekends

Weekends are the times when loving couple make the most things happen. Whether it is talking lying each other in your partner’s arms, or experimenting with sex, or cooking something that your partner likes- all these activities are done most over the weekend.

However, once your partner starts cheating, he would like to replace you with the other person in his or her weekend time slot.

Your partner would make excuses like he or she is going out with her friends and things like that.

Even worse, he can say that some friend of his is sick and he needs to visit him, while he would be out making love to someone else.

Elegant couple

4. If He Comes Back Home Smelling Like Someone Else

One of the more subtle hints is given by perfume on your partner at the end of the day.

If you hug your partner when he is back from his work and you notice a subtle hint of a lady perfume coming from someone else, chances are your partner is cheating on you.

He might have been out with his friends at a strip club, or even worse he could have been cheating on you with an escort. In any case, he is cheating on you, and a perfume can be a tell all.

Notice if the same perfume is popular with any of your friends or any of his close lady friends.


5. If She Is On A Shopping Spree That Is Unusual And Expensive

Most women, once they have decided that they would be soon ending things with you, try to hurt you the most, both emotionally and financially.

Such women tend to go on shopping sprees often with their partners and choose to buy branded and expensive clothing. Now such tendencies can be a warning sign of what is about to come.

So, if you find something like this happening, you can secure yourself by taking away your credit cards and citing some excuse for financial prudence at the moment.


6. Your Partner Is Overly Concerned About Your Whereabouts

If your partner is concerned all the time about your whereabouts, chances are he or she isn’t just concerned, he or she might be cheating.

One of the most basic steps to cover your tracks is to know where your partner is at all the times.

If you are out for a trip, and he is always asking about your return date, chances are there might be someone else under the sheets in your bedroom.


7. If Your Partner Aggressively Flirts Despite Your Presence

Once a partner has started cheating and decided that he wants no future with you, he or she might provoke you  to end things by yourself.

They would try to flirt aggressively in your presence, and when you make it an issue, they would play the victim card and call it your insecurity. You are under no compulsion to tolerate such behavior.

Whilst casual flirting is okay and you do not need to be overly concerned, you can always see when it means something else.

Disloyal man with his girlfriend looking at another girl

8. Your Partner Is Avoiding Talking About The Future

One things loyal couples love to do is talk about the future. About moving in together, getting engaged or getting married.

One thing a cheating partner does, avoid talking about all this.

If your partner avoids talking anything about the future with you, chances are he or she doesn’t see you in there.

happy young family have fun on swimming pool

9. The Holy Lipstick Mark

You are at your own loss if you ignore this one. If your partner comes home with a lipstick mark on his shirt, his collar or worse his neck, we do not think that you need any further proof of what might be going on.

You should not wait for a second instance of this to happen. The lipstick mark is often the biggest evidence that your partner might be cheating on you.


10. Hiding Conversations Of A Specific Friend

If you are sure that you know who your partner has been speaking to most of the times, and yet you do not find his conversations on his whatsapp or messenger, chances are it has been deleted.

Once your partner feels the need for keeping something secret from you in a relationship, the trust between you cannot be said to be viable. You immediately need to have a chat with that friend and try to find out what is the extent of this secrecy.

Many a time, such conversations are often of erotic and unhealthy nature.


We believe if you found any of these signs making a profound impact on your relationship,  it is time to make your partner sit down with you and talk. We wish our readers to have healthy and fulfilling relationships that lead to their all around development.