The Marriage Paradox

Escort Marriage

One of the perks of being one of the most upscale Toronto escorts is being able to meet a variety of people and share a wide range of experiences with them. You get to meet people from many walks of life- some are famous, some are rich and some are both. Every escort during her job, has to share many intimate moments with her client and therefore is often subjected to many facts of the client’s life.

Often on longer outcalls, the girlfriend experience and many other longer term engagements, the escorts get a chance to know their clients on a personal level. Such arrangements allow the escort to nurture a bond with their client and many a time, clients too share the details of their personal life with the escort. One of our top Toronto escorts, seemed to encounter a rather sad phenomenon while on one outcall, involving a Europe tour of a couple of weeks.

The initial calls of Peter, the client, came through the agency and the escort had no indication of the mental state of him. Initially it was agreed on a tour of a couple of weeks, including all stays in five star hotels paid by the client. For her, it was a nice chance to travel all the exotic locations in Europe while for the client it was ‘the honeymoon experience’, or at least what he must have been hoping it to be.

However, on the outcall, the escort was taken aback on first seeing the client. He looked hurt, and deep in sorrow. She was almost convinced in her mind that there awaited a disaster, unless she stepped up to the occasion and did something about it. So, she took an initiative and achieved her goals one by one. First, on the flight and on the airport, she tried to know the reason for his sorrow. He told her that he was born to very rich parents who were both investment bankers and very successful in their professional lives.

As it turned out, he had been divorced only a year after marriage. As it turned out, the love of her life was a ‘fraud’ that was just after his money. And he being ‘blindly in love with the love of his life’ did not sign a prenup. The repercussions of the marriage falling apart were huge for him, not monetarily but emotionally. And while chatting, he casually slips out the fact that he has not been able to perform ever since.

The escort took it as a challenge upon her to get him out of his miserable condition. So she started flirting with him in the most innocent way possible, and then took things further by beaming with lust. She gave him mild signals, and at times she was so passionate that she blew him away. And only after the matter of a couple of days, he was behind her like a bunny twenty four hours a day. From public places to hotel suites, they hit it off so well, it became a yearly thing. The destinations too kept changing year after year. An escort, turned a miserable person into a hunk. She is not the only one to have done this, there are many girls at Ace Toronto escorts who have done this to so many different people and changed their lives forever.

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